Technology and innovation are the key points for the transformer industry to occupy the local market

2019-11-15 09:57:54 海宁祁连山电子有限公司 Viewd 1007

In the 1990 s, with the rapid development of economy in our country, the inverter in the rapid expansion in the industrial field, in the 21st century to the influence of economic crisis, but does not disturb the inverter market, as a whole remained stable state of development, with the inverter market demand growing at the same time also increased the transformer production scale expansion.

In promoting energy conservation and environmental protection at present, the frequency converter with its remarkable power-saving technology, usher in another inverter development opportunity, because the frequency converter involves the field widely, customer base is more, in the future, the inverter will continue toward the aim of customer service, will be the same products for different functional differences of improvement, to adapt to the requirements of different customers, thus more rapid development.

At present, the users of low-voltage inverter products are mainly local users, which play an important role in the elevator, heavy machinery, power, chemical industry and other industries in China. And the low voltage inverter with its advanced automation equipment in the transformer industry in the stable market to rise again. However, if you want to enter the international market now, there is still considerable pressure, because China's industrialization started late, and developed countries in Europe and America inverter market has already matured, occupied the dominant position in the international market, if you want to join the international inverter industry competition, there is bound to be some obstacles.

To sum up, it is believed that the strength of China's frequency converter is relatively weak compared with that of foreign brands. There is indeed a big gap between China and foreign brands in terms of manufacturing technology and industrial design. Therefore, how to improve the production technology and accelerate the design innovation is the key for the transformer industry to occupy the local market.