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Network communication transformer series


The magnetic shielding effect is particularly good, the coil rack is equipped with the plug from the road, can easily design the multi-output transformer rich ferrite material different performance, from the audio to the high frequency range, can be designed to match a variety of transformers。


Broadcom communication related products, applications, made, Infineon, Trendchip, Reaitek scheme and other chips, such low leakage inductance, stray capacitance products can provide relatively stable remote information transmission。This product is mainly used in ADSL\VDSL external exchange and communication products of external exchange platform, such as modems, routers, etc., suitable for voice or transmission appliances, providing separation services for data and voice。

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Additional Information

System block diagram and physical diagram

Communication power transformer is mainly used in various high-frequency communication power supply, and it is the most critical part of the communication power supply. The following figure is the block diagram of the overall system supplied by the communication power supply


Communication power supply system block diagram


Physical diagram of network communication transformer

Series regular table

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